Mothers Tongue

An innovative way to learn Shona

Your child has a superpower: to listen, practice and speak Shona.

mother tongue learning shona app

Listening and Pronunciation.

Our method of teaching Shona is designed to enhance language learning experience by focusing on two essential elements: listening and practicing pronunciation.

Listening is the key to language acquisition, and at Mother’s Tongue, our interactive  lessons  are crafted with listening and speech recognition practice to stimulate your confidence in  speaking Shona.

Speak Shona while having fun

mother tongue learning shona app
mother tongue learning shona app

Why the method works

By actively engaging with the language and receiving feedback on their pronunciation, students can feel more comfortable speaking and using Shona in everyday conversations.

Try out the method today

Important reminder: all children can learn a new language. Give your child a chance to develop this superpower.

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