Mothers Tongue

About Us

Mother’s Tongue is a Shona learning app designed for kids growing up outside of Zimbabwe. The idea for the app was born out of a mother’s frustration in trying to teach her children Shona, their mother tongue. Realizing the lack of resources available to help kids learn the language, our founder originally from Zimbabwe but now calling¬† Australia home, decided to create a fun and interactive way for children to learn Shona.

Our mission at Mother’s Tongue is to provide a platform that makes learning Shona enjoyable and engaging for kids. We believe that by making the language fun to learn, children will be more motivated to embrace and preserve their cultural heritage.

Through colorful illustrations, interactive games, and engaging activities, Mother’s Tongue aims to make the learning process both educational and entertaining. Our goal is to empower children to connect with their roots and feel proud of their language and identity.

Join us on this exciting journey of learning and discovery with Mother’s Tongue!